The By-laws of the Rapatac Foundation

1 §
The purpose of the Foundation

The Rapatac Foundation shall provide for premises that can function as meeting-places for people of different ages and gender, regardless of their cultural or religious background, both nationwide and internationally. The Rapatac Foundation shall also secure that the activities on the premises are carried out according to the guidelines of the Rapatac Foundation.
2 §
The work of the Managing Board

The Managing Board of the Foundation shall consist of a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 10 members and not more than 5 substitutes. The Chairman and the other members of the Managing Board are designated by the current Board, at the latest in the month of February. Every second year, at least half of the members are elected. All members are chosen for 2 years.
Resigning members can be re-elected. If a member is resigning during the term of office, a new member shall be elected for the remaining time as soon as possible.
3 §
The Chairman and the Vice Chairman are elected within the Managing Board.
An Executive Committee that consists of a maximum of 6 members is also elected within the Board. Remaining necessary functions are elected from within or without the Board. When given a commission by the Board, members concerned are entrusted with the responsibility to frequently report to the Board. If the commission can not be fulfilled, for different reasons, it must be reported to the Board as soon as possible.
4 §
Reasonable compensation is paid out for costs combined with the commission.
The Managing Board decides whether the compensation is paid out in the form of a monthly fee or in response to a specification of the costs incurred.
5 §
The members of the Managing Board undertake, by signing a contract, to comply with specific ethical rules for the period of their commission.
6 §
The Managing Board is based in the municipality of Gävle.
7 §
The Authorised Signatory for the Managing Board is designated by the Board from among its members.
8 §
The chairman is responsible for arranging meetings of the Managing Board when necessary, at least 2 times every 6 months. A written notice to attend the meeting shall be sent out at least one week before the day that has been set.
Necessary documentation shall accompany the written notice when decisions on large or principal matter are concerned. If at least 6 members request a meeting, the Chairman is obligated to call a meeting within 14 days of the request.
9 §
When nothing else is prescribed by these regulations, the Managing Board is free to come to a decision if at least half of the members are present. Decisions are determined according to a simple majority if nothing else is prescribed by the regulations. The Chairman has casting vote when the votes are equal, except for elections, when the lot is deciding.
10 §
The minutes of the meetings of Managing Board must be written down and signed by the Chairman, the Secretary, and 2 members who have been appointed by the meeting.
11 §
The Managing Board is responsible for administrating and managing the property of the foundation in a secure way and with best possible profit.
12 §
The Managing Board shall draw up a plan of activity and a budget for the next year and an annual report for the past year.
13 §
Associations and other collaborators running different activities on the property of the Foundation, shall be informed about the work of the Foundation. The Managing Board shall frequently call a meeting with all the associations and collaborators. Associations and collaborators who wish a meeting with the Board can make a request. The contacts are managed primarily by the Executive Committee.
14 §
The Managing Board can, from the profit of the Foundation, grant funding to individuals and/or organisations that promote the purpose of the Foundation through research or in other ways. Any profit after tax, however, shall be ranked according to the following order of priority;
1. Promoting the purpose of the Foundation, nationwide and internationally
2. Increasing the Foundation's capital
3. Funding for research projects
Före beslut enligt ovan skall styrelsen inhämta revisors yttrande.
15 §
Accounts and audit
The accounts and records required of the Foundation shall be maintained. The accounting year and calendar year are the same.
16 §
An appointed Auditor and Auditor Substitute carry out their assignment until further notice. Successors shall be designated by the Supervisory Authority.
17 §
Latest by the 1st of March, the annual report and the accounts of the previous year must be presented to the Auditor, who within a month shall give an audit report about whether the Managing Board has been managing the Foundation according to the By-laws, good foundation practice, and current legislation. The annual report and the audit report shall be delivered to Administrative Board of the county of Gävleborg, which shall take action or ordain action arising from the comments of the auditor.
18 §
Change of By-laws
A change of these By-laws may only be made by a numerically complete and unanimous Managing Board. The change must not, however, be contrary to the purpose of the foundation according to the original foundation documents.
19 §
The Foundation is supervised by Administrative Board of the County of Gävleborg.
20 §

The Foundation can be disbanded if the Managing Board applies for disbandment according to present rules. Concurrently, it shall be ordained that the assets of the Foundation should preferably continue to serve the purpose of the original documents. The application of disbandment shall be preceded by such a decision. The decision shall be made by a numerically complete and unanimous Board.

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