The RAPATAC concept

The intention of the Rapatac concept is to provide for a secure and meaningful growth for children and youth by offering help with schoolwork, supplying stimulating leisure pursuits, and helping them develop the ability to take responsibility for their actions. The idea is to give the children and young people a good foundation in life and a positive vision of the future. It is of great importance that the children are surrounded by adult role models who acknowledge to every child and emphasize their significance in the spirit of togetherness in order to help them develop confidence in their individual ability.

Rapatac is co-operating directly with the junior-, intermediate-, and upper level of compulsory schools. Together with principals, teachers, and other personnel at adjacent schools, it is possible to give every student good support in their education. The aim is that every student will reach the objectives of the course plans in school. The value of superior education is emphasized and every individual is supposed to study in a way that leads to best possible results out of his or her own conditions. Because of clearly stated demands in good behaviour and responsibility of studying, Rapatac is a perfect complement to school and is functioning as a link between school and leisure pursuits. All the children and youth are offered help with their homework by educational specialists and the homework must be done before they have access to other activities.

Rapatac wants to enrich the growth of the children and the youth by providing meaningful and active leisure time, physical activities, and by helping them develop the ability to grow individually in fellowship with other people. The aim is that all the sport activities shall be lead by well-educated sport leaders.

Rapatac finds it very important that the children and youth take responsibility for their actions, since it is a very significant component in their growth. All members take responsibility for their behaviour and a contract has been drawn up. The children get access to the activities and the premises by signing and following the contract. If the trust is misused, the consequences will be negative and the worst scenario is suspension.

Rapatac follows The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. The child has the right to participate in leisure, cultural and artistic activities. The child should be fully prepared to live an individual life in society and brought up in the Charter of the United Nations. For instance, there should be no distinction of any kind such as race, colour, sex, language, religion, national or social origin etc.

There are approximately 92,000 inhabitants in the community of Gävle. In the district of Sätra, there are approximately 10,000 people of whom a large part is immigrants. Integration is of great importance and the immigrants are very important to the Swedish society. A significant part of integration is to invite people join in fellowship, to meet and respect each other. It is very essential that children in early age get the opportunity to meet other people and share their experiences in order to understand differences between people.

In the near future, a Mixed Activity Centre that is called the Rapatac-building is going to be built in the centre of Sätra in Gävle. It is going to be the forum of the Rapatac activities. The ground has been chosen on account of being available for all the children and youth in the area. It is close to public transportation and there are paths between the building, the school, and the residential buildings in the area. The owner and the administrator of the building will be the Rapatac Foundation. The Rapatac Management has the ultimate responsibility of the activities in the building and has full access to the premises. One association, with different divisions, and other external collaborators will run the activities in the building in co-operation with the Rapatac Management.

The Rapatac-building is going to be a natural place for people to meet where each one, regardless of background, has the same rights, possibilities, and obligations. At the same time Sätra will be a more attractive, active area and a secure place for children and youth to grow up in.


Rapatac has seven guiding words for all the activities:

  • Respect: the base of all good relations
  • Fellowship: friendship and solidarity put people together
  • Trust: to be able to trust each other makes the individual strong
  • Responsibility: ansvar krävs för att uppnå sina mål.
  • Attraction: to be a part of Rapatac will be attractive and it will be a privilege to participate
  • Relation: a personal relation to the activities results in involvement
  • Commitment: attraction and relation create the commitment that people need to maintain their interests


Stöd bygget av Rapatac

Rapatacs mål är att alla barn ska klara skolan och få möjlighet till en bra och trygg fritid

Det är vårt gemensamma ansvar att se till att alla barn får den möjligheten. Nu har du chansen att se till att det blir verklighet.

Köp en tegelsten! -Var med och stöd bygget av Rapatachuset